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About us

Helpful, Honest and Dependable

About TechVita

What We Do

Advise, consult, design and perform


Our Mission

Providing assistance to those who need it from any angle of I.T by today’s definition

Who Are We?

The team behind you and in front of your Firewalls. We’re your IT Department, your ‘when computers and IT equipment go bonkers’ saviour

Our Skills & Expertise

From AST™ Computers to Tiny Computers™, Windows 95, Windows 98 & Second Edition all the way to today (no matter what day of the week we are in) those of us at TechVita, have traversed afar keeping those who needed us reaching upwards and outwards with all kinds of computing needs.

We’ve worked with those from all walks of life – Wholesalers in warehouses, those with shiny desks in fancy offices and hardworking individuals working from home or from your business premises. Whomever, wherever you are, we’ll be happy to work alongside you and provide you with sound technological-no obligation guidance.

We even know a thing or to about Linux and MacOS systems!

Serving 100’s

Of happy people!





IT is for Everybody…Should IT not be today – IT will be tomorrow.”

~ Mario Cascella


Applied 101% of the time!

Created and run by Mario Cascella; an all-round ‘tech-er’ with consultative and extensive I.T support experience, who knows of no boundary and understands the highest level of importance to complete our objectives securely, safely & error free through use of I.T.

Ideas and Development

101% commitment applied to all of our Projects!

Got a Tech-Question?Need Tech Consultation or Tech Services?

Call us on 0808 1785 121 or email on [email protected]

Experience Professional

This goes first of course. Seasoned, talented and well experienced Technicians and Engineers who shall implement the ultimate strategy and lead with the most reliable Support.

With TechVita, you’ll be part of a winning support team, with Microsoft, Web Server, Google and more Certified technicians you can count on – guaranteed.

We always do good with setting realistic and ethical project completion dates for obvious reasons. One of which is so we can all plan further afield in a timely and organised fashion avoiding any hidden surprises

We enjoy and have a seriously great time crafting, as there are parts of I.T today which can only be met with creativity. We have partnered up with ‘talent!’ which will bring you just what you’re looking for, without a hint of freshness to spare!