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What is it?

Cloud Computing creates the connection our hardware and software needs in order to deliver a service over a network, mainly through the World Wide Web; internet. With cloud computing, we can access files and use applications from any device that can get out onto the internet – Freedom at last.

Whether you’re running your applications in the cloud and Off-premises – or if you’re going with one physically On-site, it’s imperative communications between servers and your end devices are managed and kept secure and reliable

With cloud storage, there’s no need to rack and stack servers. In the cloud, businesses can scale workloads based on certain metrics as needed—in literally a few clicks—using built-in features. This capability allows you to easily scale up, down, out, in—and even auto-scale. This flexibility dramatically cuts your overhead costs associated with monitoring and scaling resources manually

Hardware services, make use of hosted equipment (storage, hardware, servers, and networking components) instead of spending large sums of capital on equipment which soon becomes old fashioned with limiting expansion possibilities, leading to costly maintenance and support bills.

With Software services, it is possible to have your everyday applications hosted in the cloud, readily available over a network saving costly deployment and maintenance costs, carving the possibility to scale performance and availability as demanded.

This kind of Cloud Computing is here to stay, making new ways to reach the edge even sooner and then pushing the boundary further afield. Belong to something that is more than just a craze, be a part of something that will not let you go and never get in the way. Be a part of something that grows and expands wherever you are – with you.

A good, fast, reliable internet connection is critical when it comes to cloud storage. No connection means no access to your files—and a slow connection can be equally daunting. A break in connectivity can delay your operations and send productivity into a slump

Stay ahead of the game and keep up with demand. With Virtual Cloud Solutions you’ll always have the latest Processing and Storage Technologies available at your fingertips

HDD failures on PC’s and laptops will no longer prevent you from working or accessing your safe and secure data, up in the cloud.

With a backup plan, all you need is a good old trusted connection to the internet, and your able to get going from anywhere, anytime.

There are many of us whom use a wide range of cloud services, including both private and public acquisitions. With diverse requirements, companies small, medium and large stand to benefit from reduced cost powerful computing solutions. Join in now and be prepared for the future, today.

The Cloud Computing market sees a rapidly growing acquisition rate year after year as we become more and more aware of the cost saving benefits to be had, once we ‘adopt’ a cloud.

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