Set Yourself Free

Stay Connected, Wherever You Go

Data and Communication Network Installations


Reliable and Effecient Connectivity

Data connections that offer the very best in reliability and efficiency, whether you’re connecting to SMART systems or simply looking for TV on demand

Cable infrastructures which create a complete network for both wireless and hardwired technology. Explore and feel total freedom as you experience wireless network roaming and data access with no connection losses

Adopt a Media Hub connecting telephones, laptops and PCs, as well as direct connections for TV and game consoles. A centralised storage pool is able to store all your photos, music and videos while a backup creates albums, playlists and libraries which can then be accessed throughout your whole home. So, wherever you are, you’re never too far to connect.

Managed Wi-Fi

With a managed Wi-Fi network – you can ensure you have fast and reliable Wi-Fi throughout your property (including garden and under-ground if required) with no dead spots. The managed solution ensures your devices seamlessly roam from one access point to another without you having to give it a second thought. And it happens fast. No lost calls if using VoIP or picture/sound breakup when streaming

Roaming, enabled.

What About Apartments and Multi-Dwelling Units?

Whilst you’ve invested a lot of resources and time to provide a great living experience in your multi-dwelling units (MDUs) – working with us we can help ensure all residents have fast, reliable Wi-Fi that is secure from their neighbours

Managed correctly, this can prevent a lot of technical challenges to overcome. TechVita managed Wi-Fi networks ensure everyone gets the quality of service they need.