Navixy Mobile Apps

Two Apps.

Turn your Android or iOS Device into a GPS Tracker with the X-GPS Tracker App

Monitor and view your Tracked Assets with the X-GPS Monitor App


Endless Possibilities.

Stay aware and monitor what’s happening from wherever you are.

Keep in touch with Headquarters and ‘in the field Operators’


Schedule, dispatch and track your drivers and mobile workers.

Invite your colleagues/employees with their own unique personal ID to connect them to your tracking portal.

Installing this app on their mobile devices will allow your field team to remain better organised and connected with the office.

  • Easily browse through everyday jobs
  • Share progress with the office
  • Show your working status
  • Enjoy a paperless approach
  • Chat with team members
  • Enable a panic button for emergencies
  • Task scheduling with route optimisation
  • Real-time GPS tracking and trip history
  • Proof of visit: location check-in and photo capture
  • Mobile forms for data collection in the field


View your connected assets using your mobile device.

Track their job status/progress easily on the go.

  • Track current locations of any assets
  • Communicate with field teams online
  • Monitor end user task performance and status
  • Browse OBD data real-time
  • Get instant notifications about events
  • Assess field performance in seconds
  • Block engine remotely in case of theft
  • Show tracks and events on the map for any period in the past
  • See your location in relation to your tracking assets

On the Go Applications

A complete suite of tools for smart mobile Resource Management on any Smartphone or Tablet

With instant messaging, communicate easily with on-field colleagues

Request customer signatures upon driver arrival with the ability to attach images/videos and documents etc upon arrival for assigned tasks. These can then later be downloaded in PDF.